Hi, I'm Raevie or as people on facebook call me, Rae, Raevienne ...

Anyway, abit about me, I've been interested if you should and could call it that in 'the Paranormal' ghosts and stuff like that since I was 12 when a dear and rather close friend of mine died when we were still at school.  Then it all started with a swinging coat hanger in the boys changing rooms (Obviously I didn't go in there uninvited trust me!!) ...but thats another story!  I roughly started to readings the psychic way when I was around 16 and then I got hooked, well, I started doing them for friends and family that were either close to me or close to where I lived.  A friend of mine asked me "Why haven't you started charging for them yet?" ... So I did... on another website I shared with my dad... messing about like you do, seeing if I was any good, then whoosh dad, had an idea I should put a feedback bit in... then thats when it accured to me, wow, am I really that good, I was getting good feedback, people saying i'm quite accurate... I know i'm going to be honest, some will have good days and others... but surely anyone that's doing readings have that? 

I also love the idea of faeries, call me a "Weird Nutter" if you must hehe, I've been called it several times lol!  I do faerie readings to if anyones interested.  And hopefully might even start a blog or two.... somewhere abouts... and pictures of where i live close by.  (Theres a lovely wood area that looks like it could be inhabited by all sorts of elves and pixies.)

I would like to note though that, I'd love to hear people's feedback and I do this for experiment on my behalf and mostly for fun... is that the right way to put it, contact me with your thoughts! ...

I DO NOT in anyway mean to change peoples lives for the worst or for anything bad, obviously I wouldn't dream of it! So why not give me a go... if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask or email me! . . ;) Love, Light and Faerie Dust!

Here's a bit about Raevie...!